Brigade Zafu (Meditation) Cushion

I will use my thoughts wisely, and respect their power...

Made in the USA, constructed of heavy duty cotton twill and filled with 100% natural cotton.⁣

The graphic patch contains the "self" in more ways than one, along with a daily mantra to be utilized when meditating on the pillow.⁣

A traditional meditation cushion in a round shape with pleated sides and a sewn in handle. The cushion raises the hips, making the entire range of cross-legged positions more stable and comfortable.

The Zafu originated in Japan, and was made popular in China. They used to be filled with cattail but now they're stuffed with 100% natural cotton.The filling is densely packed to provide a solid cushion, but is soft enough to be comfortable since the Zafu is made with all natural fibers. The outer cover is made of your choice of a sturdy 100% twill cotton. They feature a small zippered opening, neatly hidden between pleats, to adjust the density of cotton filling. You can also adjust the amount of stuffing in each cushion, thus changing the height and the firmness. Each Zafu is 15'' in diameter and 6'' in height

Releasing alongside Pre-Spring ‘21

next Friday, March 12th @ 12pm EST.⁣




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