Brigade: The Life of the Letterman

Brigade 2020 Varsity Jacket
Brigade Letterman Varsity Jacket

For years, the leather sleeves and polished buttons have been a symbol for the cream of the crop to show off their athleticism. The Letterman has been a staple of pop culture and a symbol of authority in fashion, but it came from humble beginnings.

The original Letterman wasn’t a jacket at all, but a cardigan made for the baseball players at Harvard University in 1865. Players would receive their tightly knit wool sweaters at the beginning of the season, adorned with the oversized H sitting prominently in the center of their uniform. However, unless they played well enough, that sweater was returned at the end of the season, only adding to the competitive need to bring home the elusive letter. And so, the legend began.

Teddy Boys - 1950s
Teddy Boys - 1950s