Introducing: The Brigade Blog

Andrés Gomez in our First Jacket / 2014

Our first blog post. This is something we've wanted to implement into the brand for a long time now. We've spent the past few months finally working out all of the logistics internally.

Originally, we were going to dedicate this project solely to "Brigade Book Society" but after some discussion we decided this could be a beautiful addition to the brand as a whole. Not only will this blog give us the opportunity to provide more insight/depth to what we're working on via the "News and Updates" section, but it will also grant us the ability to create a community around one of our most vital passions, reading.

"The Brigade" / 2018

Brigade is made up of friends and family. Some friends, like family, have been around since the very beginning helping as much as they can in any way. Others we met along the way. Everyone involved in the brand has been vital to getting it to where it is now and we can't thank all of you enough.

The blog will mainly be run by 2 individuals who you will get to know more as time goes on.

The first being a long time friend Evan Dean (aka Strandini). Evan has been around since the beginning and has always lent a helping hand. A real class act, he will be directing the "News and Updates" posts, helping narrate how and why we work on our projects.

Evan Dean, London / 2018

The second is a friend we met along the way over the past few years, Tuhin Chakrabarti. Tuhin is one of the most intelligent people we know and we are honored to have him running the "Brigade Book Society" as a whole, which we plan will expand into real world events and gatherings as time goes on.

Tuhin Chakrabarti, New York / 2019

Brigade is beyond excited to get the ball rolling on this blog, we hope you enjoy following along as much as we enjoy this insane creative journey.

- Aaron


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