Brigade x Hidden.NY Lookbook

Brigade x Hidden.NY
Brigade x Hidden.NY Lookbook

The introduction to a technical Fall/Winter, our work with Hidden is a laser focused display of the functionality of “fashion." Creating core products with no extra frills, this is a capsule that will hang along with you on the subway or a hiking trip.

Being grounded in a love and admiration for the generations before, Hidden and Brigade share a strong respect and friendship with one another resulting in a forward thinking collaboration. Both of us take time to study the masters, not only the designers of clothes but of society's paradigms.

Brigade x Hidden
Aged Ad-Style Teaser

With Hidden’s ability to dig into the past through magazine scans and tucked away photos, we were able to conceive of a lookbook idea that puts a new spin on a classic motif. Using straightforward photos, a strong slogan, and no bulls*t run around, core products gain a life of their own, living in the future