Brigade Essential Reading: Earth Day 2020

2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day.

To honor this, we put together a short list of books we consider essential for those who share our interest in lessening our impact on Mother Earth.

Silent Spring

By: Rachel Carson

A landmark text published in 1962, Silent Spring shook the world and continues to hold us in its unwavering grip after all these years. Bringing attention to the complex balance between nature and wholesale pesticides, Carson shined a light on something often overlooked and became an instrumental figure in the environmental movement. The power of this book cannot be overstated, causing the banning of DDT and the reworking of laws that govern our air, land, and water. An absolutely essential piece for anyone looking to understand the root of our problem, Silent Spring is the best you can get. Without question Carson's work has grown to become a pillar in the pantheon of the environmental movement.