Brigade 5 Year Anniversary Drop

"5 whole years, wow."

... The opening line in our limited anniversary zine, and for good reason. We find it almost impossible to express our gratitude towards every single one of you. Brigade started exactly 5 years ago today as a platform for the outsiders. We took no shortcuts. We played no game of smoke and mirrors. Everything has been real and from the heart. Because of this, we couldn't be any more proud of what all of us have built together.

Recently we‘ve come across a pretty beautiful, but simple metaphor that we’d like to share:

”There are 2 types of people in this world, you’re either a head of lettuce or an apple tree. If you wanna grow lettuce you plant your seeds, give a little water, & 2 or 3 months later you can make yourself a salad. But that lettuce will spoil soon after its maturity & good luck trying to save it through the winter. Look at life as that of the apple tree. It takes about 6 years for an apple to grow from a seed to an apple producing tree. That's a long time, even in human years. You have to take care of that tree during those 6 years too, with no guarantee it’ll make it to maturity. But you know what? At around the 6-year mark, an apple tree starts producing apples. & with a little care & a little luck, that tree could keep producing apples for well over 100 years.”

Brigade is an apple tree.